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Weekly Feature!

Still scrambling to find people to feature, I'm afraid I'll run out soon. Please send me some suggestions, everyone! Anyway, this weeks feature is a girl who's poetry can be considered a little... dark. Centering many times around addiction and depression, her words speak loudly. This weeks featured artist is.....


Though not always dark, she has poems that are more... bittersweet. Her poetry forms are unique and leave a message you're not likely to forget anytime soon! Though they may tear your mind away from the thoughts of sunshine and force you to think about reality! But in a good way! Depression and addiction are tough lights to look into, so let Grace help you with her clever arrangement of words!

6:03 a.m.I was born on
a rainy Saturday
afternoon; typical.
little did I know
that was the
day the Earth
cried for me.
and my impending
doom, because doctors
don't write things like
will suffer from
severe depression;
become addicted
to alcohol, drugs
& die at a young age
on your birth certificate.
PART Ihave you ever
danced with the devil?
walked with the grim reaper
talked to Satan?
imagine                                                  my life
a thing so beautiful                                  gone up in
that makes you feel so                             flames
numb                                                    and puffs of 
disrupted REM                                         smoke 
out of body experience 

PART IIif you're looking                                 
you'll find me
in the
pouring                                  my eyes
rain                                       are exhausted
lost and                                 my brain                              
completely                             is fried,
confused;                              literally.
here I am     &
PART IIIi once thought           
that life              falling
and death            from
were two                the        
different                sky
we are all         crashing
just birds                    and
flying                               burning
for the                                

Addiction           I don't
           I simply 
            I don't
            My whole body aches
            I can't
            I long 
            I think I'm in 
strung on highYou left me out to dry
My corpse rots in the
Middle of the street
And here I cry,
          strung on high
Sweet release
                    (where are you?)
Trails of metallic tears
Left in my wake
Nothing left to take
And here I cry,
            strung on high
(my name is ignorance,
it's nice to meet you)

There you have it! Go look through her gallery and enjoy it like I'm sure all who go through it do as well!

Also, please leave me suggestions for next week's feature. This is something I 100% love doing, but finding good artists is really hard and I could use all the help I could get! Any help at all is very much appreciated! Thanks :heart:

Series Unknown

A long while ago, me and my best friend, CelestialMemories created a group! Series-Unknown Though she's done most of the work, I get involved as much as I can. We've started a monthly challenge!

This group is for you writers out there! Ones who write really long stories and/or chapter works! We plan to have several contests and challenges when we get in working order, so come check us out! We'd love to have you in our group!

This month's Fiction Writing Exercise

Sell Your Story

Here's the scene, you have been invited to pitch your story, any story, to the top Publishing Companies in the world. They wanna hear what you're writing about/what you will write about. It's time to bring your A-Game and show them what you can write!

In 100-200 words, pitch your story/plot idea in the best possible way you can. This does not have to be a story that you are currently writing, it could just be an idea that has been lingering in your head.

Please :note: the group (Series-Unknown) with this FWE as this exercise will be a little different.

In the last week of April, the admins will be posting the entries in their journals anonymously and readers of the journals will vote on the winner. Please do not put the title in your entry just in case people might recognize your book and vote for it on favoritism.

On May 1st the winner will be announced!

The winner of this FWE will receive a 3 month Premium Membership

NOTE: Please do not notify your +WATCHers of the vote when journals are released, through the mention system if I see an announcement asking for your watchers to vote for you, the entry will be disqualified. You are welcome to invite your +WATCHers to join without mentioning which entry is yours.

Channel your inner Anthony Sullivan or Billy Mays and get to pitching!

What does the word ordinary mean to you? 

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DeviantART Compliments #94

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:37 AM

dA Compliments

30 more compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

Join our group to get all the updates!

You are an amazing artist and one of my best friends on Da. You were one of the first people I talked to when I joined Da, back then you were an inspiration but now you help me continue to draw. Your drawings are always beautiful and they each have something special in them thats stands out from the rest. I hope you continue to do what you're doing and remember, if your feeling sad or hurt inside you can always talk. <3

There's a very special deviant everyone should know. HiddenLeafDragon is a good friend of mine, always has been and always will be. He's really funny, very sweet, and super nice :) He's one of those rare cool people with great skill and talent, and I think everyone should check out his page, because he's really worth the time.

Another deviant who seems to be a little sad lately is Toetag001 She doesn't use her account much anymore, but she's really in need of a cheer-up. She doesn't like attention, but she deserves it! :) She's a sweetheart and I just know that she'd find friends if some kind deviants were to say hello.

Love you both with all my heart!

WeirdAndLovely is an amazing friend to talk to and to have as company. I'm glad I met her through all of my other wonderful friends. 

I bloody love you.

happy-gurl is a great artist, and very nice person! She is a very good friend, and always caring towards others.:hug:
You are awesome!:dummy:

Your art, my friend, is AMAZING!

WyldWerewolf You've got the most amazing stories! Especially Athena. Trevor is so cute!
~Maybe a friend

LadyMortimus is a wonderful writer. Even though her profile seems offline, she is a caring soul who always gives special time and concern for her friends and dear ones. This is important because frankly, its rare to come across such a wonderful writer like her. Her works, are a breath of fresh air - all of them, in all their forms. A worthwhile writer in all honesty.

ShinyTheKitsune is perfect, she's funny, sweet, a great artist and friend; plus I bet she's beautiful irl x3 Our conversations are hilarious and also: Jeg er matchmaker som fikk dem sammen xDD We're together, forever and always will be in our world of space and the word yes while we drive around in our haunted mansion <333 Ly Shiny~ 

LadyLincoln is such an amazing person. I don't think I've ever met anyone with as much community spirit, and to cap it all off, she has such a strong beauty of heart. She is absolutely an inspiration and a role model.

otakuwolfi love you have a good day!!

I'm glad to have extraordinary friends like you: AvinaSkye, BlackVeiledBridesfan, yuzukipon, CookieMilkShake, and AruTeru. All of you were there when I needed it, and still are! Thanks guys. 

MLynnK You have so many beautiful photographs. Always thanking people for the favorites.That is so very kind when someone is loving your work

Midnight-Omen is a very kind and hyper friend she's always there for me and I've known her for over 4 years she's the bestest friend anyone could have we both love to fan girl and watch anime and shes fun to be around shes a great person and I hope everyone else enjoys her company as much as I do ;w;

AskCadense You're so nice, your art is amazing, and you are so much fun to RP with. From all the time I spend on dA, you are the only person who I can say is my best friend who I met online. I couldn't ask for a better friend, and I am so glad that I met you. <3

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Skin by SimplySilent

About me!

Hey! My name is Chase and I am a writer! I'm currently working on two chapter stories!

I have a story called The Loudest Echoes, which I am working on alone, and am very proud that it has gotten as far as it has!

I also roleplay! In fact, I love roleplaying! If you'd like to roleplay with me, leave me a note!

I also have a story called Strangely Beautiful! Which has also gotten just as far in the short time I've been writing it!

I'm a poet as well if you couldn't tell by my gallerythanks for that, DFC!!!!

I'm really into music! In fact, my dream in life is to be a recording artist! I'm currently in the chorus program of my school and loving every day of it! Winter has passed and we just went on our Busch Gardens trip! I enjoyed every bit of it and even rode my first roller coaster. It was incredibly funI thought I was going to die!

I have a few friends who you can also find on deviantart!

:iconcelestialmemories: MY MOIRAIL! Who is a writer, working on prose works as well as occasional poetry! Her work is definitely worth a look! If you watch closely you'll see us fighting because secretly we hate each other! AND I WILL DESTROY HER SQUIRTLE SQUAD WITH MY METAPOD ARMY!

:iconbluezbreakr: I don't really have a lot of conversation with Brent. But when I do, it always involves Kalliope and whatever weird topic we're on at that moment.

:iconintricately-ordinary: Who is also a writer! A poet, she is! She writes amazing poetry that has left my mind awake at night wondering about the beautiful selection of words she uses! Also worth a look!

I spend a lot of my time on skype with Kalliope(CelestialMemories)! We've watched a lot of movies and TV shows lately. All of which have been either disgusting or horrible. Really. We watched Birdemic. Don't know what that is? Go look it up, watch five minutes of it and get back to me so I can tell you we also watched Birdemic 2.

I Support DarkusRayne by CelestialMemories DA compliments stamp,updated and animated by tea-cup-duck
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Song of the week!

Tijana - To the Sky

Macedonia's representative for this year's Eurovision song contest! Hope she wins!


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